As the story is being told
The fasing being made
Let me take this time to define this sentimental
As the story is being told

When you asked me to be your love, for you already had it, love for me
When i held your love and gave mine
So was our sentiment created
Am defining our sentimental
As the story is being told

When you did the forbiden for me
When we took the risks and run to each others embrace
When you said darling i bought wine for you
When you held my had and led me to a place just to give me chocolate
A heart to share
A sentimental definition
As the story is being told

When you ate chocolate while am not there and thought of me because i love chocolate
When i took coffee and thought of my companion for he loves coffee two
For as love grew, it remained in our hearts
Am defining our sentiment
As the story is being told

So as i rose in the morning
With a thought of you
Miles away from me
Yet your smiling face i see
As i lay back in this bed
My heart beats your name
In roses that brosome
I realised i have a bouquet of red roses
You are my sentimental of all times
We defined this sentimental long ago
As the story is being told
Of love
I define mine in the heart

Happy valentines day


Sins of love

So my face has fallen
No longer held high
For this act is weighing heavily on me
Crishing every live soul left

The act of love or atleast i thought
Corrupted mind falling into a trao
With wild abandon, a sin of love is committed
And now this act is weighing heavly on me
Living behind a great distruction

To the once live soul that once has been
Once upon a time so innocent
Crushed, brocken and shattered
Haunted by pain abd destruction
Haunted by this thing called love
Creating an animal from what once was a sweet soul

But it was the greatest gift of all
Lies mafe it a greatest sin of all
Poison to the sacred place in man
Now hued in black and grey
Its legacy long gone
Dead to the world.



Close your eyes
Imagine love
Being with you
Imagine love loving u
Imagine love showering you
I wonder if you have ever lived it
Imagine you in a world where you are far but feel loved
Imagine love making you smile amidst pain a destruction of emotions
Imagine you failing and knowing love never failed you
Still stayed
I wonder have you ever felt this way do u thnk you live this way?
Imagine how long have you imagined
I wonder
Do you imagine and live it
Have you felt like its a dream
Imagine waking up to find its not an imagination
I wonder, have you been asking yourself questions
Painfull questions
Like what if this love fails
Ask yourself, why dd it fail not 6 yrs ago
Answer yourself love,
Tell yourself i am living it
You can now open ur eyes


A Choice to love

Much as love seems so easy, its the hardest task of all, its not easy at all to stay inlove, i was inspired to write this poem as i fell inlove with someone, for i wanted needed do wish for him to choose us, he also told me love is a choice.


Inside the hearts faith i hope to rein
For as time goes it may be restrained
As time goes and toughen
This heart may not hold its rein
So i hope there will be choice to love again

Inside the castles that hold so many
Visitors of importance and of all kinds
That touches the depest core i posses
Roots that once were so deep
Of a tree planted within four chambers
There is hope i still remain
With a choic made sincerely to love continuously.

Inside this story of life and love
There holds fondness drawing into a rootine
Omition of love affection rests forgotten
New errors arise
With sharp brightens thus blinding the eyes
I hope there will be a powerful swored to fight
I hope the eyes of the heart be opened
By a spirit within to remember to choose love again

Inside this creation
Is the love and friends with proverbs
From experience thus told
Flooding in with a story of tiredness thus hold
From mistakes thy body picks
To say the love is dead from the soul i once loved
The experience from others say love never comes back when dead
I hope that you will remember about the experience this love taught you, that it is its own proverb different from the others
And live to remember to choose to love again.

Inside this love is the beauty of the body
Its sharp attraction
Like botany, the upright petal of a flower
That fall as the sun sets
Dryness with darkness
I hope the heart surpasses it all and remember to love again
For as a story being told
Of a proverb of love
To the grand children of a life once lived
Hands chained together as each others streghth
Maybe a walking stick of love
The heart will beat to love again.



You wrote me a book
It said we were booked
As i read, it says darling were are a rose
Bright as a sun rise
In the day we shine
Yet you are my moon in darkness
You wrote me abook

Word by word
It said we are the world
Not of king and queens
A world of warriors
For we will not be inferior
If we died today we would die heroes
You wrote me a book

Page by page
Did you say you were once broken
Weep not for you were being awaken
A beautifuly curved metal went through fire
Was it not required
So we find each other as empire
Its time to watch the sunset
The rising sun molded two assets
It will rise again morrow
You wrote me a book.